Fresh Breath Clinic

The last person to know about bad breath is often the person that has it. Halitosis is a common and socially embarrassing problem that can be easily treated.

The substances that are released by bacteria in the mouth are often foul smelling and cannot be immediately detected by the individual. They are however easily detected by others when speaking to them. This can be a particularly uncomfortable problem, if your job involves talking to people all day.

The majority of bad breath occurs when plaque has not been cleaned away properly, allowing it to become calcified to your teeth. Other causes of bad breath include deposits on the tongue, poor diet and smoking.

Bad breath can be very easily cured with simple treatment. Gabriels Hill Dental Practice treats such cases with our utmost discretion.

If you find it embarrassing to talk about it prior to your appointment…..don’t! Wait until you are talking to the dentist at Gabriels Hill Dental Practice and we will treat your problem with the sensitivity it deserves.


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