First Visit

At Gabriels Hill Dental Practice we are aware a visit to a dental practice can be a daunting experience. We aim to make not just your first visit, but all your visits as pleasant and painless as possible.

Once you have decided to make your appointment with Gabriels Hill Dental Practice a Practice Information Brochure and Medical History Form will be sent to you or click here to download your Medical History Form.

If you need assistance with the paperwork please arrive 10-15mins early and our reception team would be more than happy to assist and answer any concerns you have, before seeing your dentist.

You will then be taken to the treatment room, introduced to your dentist, where a comprehensive examination will take place. The dentist will examine outside your mouth around your neck, inside of your mouth, your lips, tongue and surrounding areas. This is the Oral Cancer Screening provided at Gabriels Hill dental Practice.

The next stage the dentist will examine your teeth and check for any breakages, leaking fillings, any early decay and will carry out a separate gum assessment. Two small digital x-rays will be taken and the intra oral camera will be used to take some pictures of any problems seen in the mouth. This will assist the dentist to diagnose any problems they may have seen on a visual examination.

Our dentist will discuss with you the findings, treatment options, treatment costs, advantages and disadvantages if no treatment is done. You will have the option to give your feedback and once you both have agreed to a treatment plan a personalised written estimate will be issued.

Then you will be escorted back to reception and a written estimate sheet will be presented and our receptionist will go over it once more with you and answer any concerns you may have. Once you are happy with this process, you will be asked to sign one copy of the estimate plan and our receptionist will book an appointment convenient for you.

If at a later date you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us we will answer any concerns you have with your treatment plan. If any changes occur to your treatment plan at a later date the dentist will always inform you of the changes made. So you do not have any unexpected surprises at the end of the treatment.

We at Gabriels Hill Dental Practice thrive to make your visits as comfortable as possible.

Contact us now to book your appointment.


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